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Workshops & Seminars

Well, not really. These 'learning intensives' developed by Aurora Now are designed for groups to discover, learn and immediately apply relevant information for meaningful and useful results … right now. You and your group will be fully engaged; not sitting passively and soaking up information to apply later in "real life."

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Facilitating Multiparty Collaboration:
Systems & Psychodynamics in Organizational Leadership and Performance
February 3-4, 2003
University of Chicago


Patrick and Sherryl are natural leaders who inspire others to live and work with 100% commitment to the best of what's possible. They are consummate professionals who truly walk their talk, and by their example, demonstrate the capacity for each of us to succeed in our work and in our lives in ways that nobody else has to lose.

J.P. McDaniel, Consultant, Trainer
and Journalist,
Denver CO

The following workshops/seminars can be delivered in 1 hr., 2 hr. or 3 hr. formats, the longer formats allowing for more in depth exploration, learning and application.

What is it and why is it different from having a discussion or a meeting? Learn the empirical research that supports various dialogue methodologies and reveals some of the principles that make dialogue the most effective approach for designing systems and strategies for dealing with complex organizational issues.

Death, Taxes & Culture
Is organizational culture a "fuzzy subject" that's about as easy to nail down as jell-o to a tree? Is creating culture in the workplace like herding cats? Unravel the mysteries of organizational culture, how it impacts your bottom line and results, and how to create the conditions for healthy and effective organizational cultures to emerge.

Building community: in your organization, neighborhood and family. Communis is the Latin derivative of both community and communication and means to "make common." Learn how to create community by creating common vision, shared values and unified goals by integrating and celebrating-not eliminating or merely tolerating-individual differences.

Leading with Integrity
The systems sciences demonstrate that all open systems evolve around highly influential centers. This session helps those in leadership roles to rediscover the nature of this influence as "power to" rather than the traditional approach of "power over."

Synergy Happens
We've been misled to believe that synergy is some esoteric nicety that we should strive for within our organizations. Here you'll learn synergy happens every day. We can create effective synergetic results or a synergetic mess that's impossible to unravel. Learn the science behind the "nice idea" and how to make it work for you.

Does your organization have integrity? If you're thinking, "yeah, I'm honest," you're only part way there: Integrity also means "soundness" and strength of a structure, and whether a system is whole and complete. Do you know how to integrate all the components and dimensions of your organizational systems (process systems and human systems) to create real integrity?

½ day and day-long series: (4-8 hrs)

Do you have a strategic plan? Where will it take you? Do you really know? Most organizations plan their strategy without a comprehensive or clear vision of where they are really headed, and fall into the trap of simply moving from one goal to the next. What's the difference? Goals are specific objectives moving us from point A to point B. Vision sees "Z" and includes the entire panorama of what's possible, unencumbered by the limits of "what is." Without a clear and compelling vision of where you're headed, your plans will likely be underconceptualized and limit your ability to realize your real potential.

This hands-on, learn-by-doing intensive enables you to understand the principles that govern an organization's ability to evolve successfully, and clarifies the difference between genuine systemic constraints and the false limits we usually place on ourselves. Most importantly, you'll learn how to keep your organization growing and evolving, even in volatile economies and rapidly changing societal environments.

The results of this program will be clearly defined organizational values (that drive behavior and action); a clear and concise organizational mission statement and a defined organizational purpose.

Creating an organizational EGS (Evolutionary Guidance System)
What lights you up? When are you so passionate about your work that you can't wait to start in the morning and have to tear yourself away at the end of the day? What does that ideal look like? You've started to create a strategic vision, and this session helps you create a comprehensive picture of your highest aspirations for your organization, including all of the key dimensions needed to make that vision come to reality.

You will create a clear vision of what's possible in each of the 8 dimensions of your organizational system:
Ethical & Moral
Ongoing Learning/Evaluation
Health & Well-Being
Relationship to socio-cultural and natural environments
Organizational structure/governance
Science & Technology

Why is designing an EGS important? It enables organizational teams to integrate work processes, financial and marketing strategy, product and service development and improvement in a way that vastly improves your ability to grow your organization both in size ('measurable growth') and quality ('immeasurable growth' that develops strength, soundness, improved viability and organizational "health").

Design Strategies
You know where you're going, you're excited and passionate about getting there, for realizing all your dreams and potential… now what? Where do you start? Our experience has been that leadership teams fall into conflict when strategy becomes the topic of discussion, and entrepreneurs become quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of running an effective company. This session enables you and your team to design efficient, effective strategies in each of the core activity systems of your organization: Leadership, Operations & Administration, Marketing & Communications, Financial management & strategy, product and service development, evaluation and improvement. More importantly, the strategy is designed to integrate these activities in a way that reveals key leverage points of influence, helping you get to what is really most important: living your vision and making a living doing what you love.

How Diversity makes your Organization Successful
Diversity in the workplace has for too long been viewed as simply "an issue to deal with" rather than understood as a key organizational strategy for success.

This very special program will change the way you look at "diversity" in your organization and the way you understand diversity in the world. You'll learn important scientific principles that demonstrate how diversity is used to create real synergetic results, you'll quit thinking that our human differences are something to be 'tolerated' and understand differences as critical assets for organizational success. You'll learn just how diverse diversity really is (it's not just about cultural, religious or ethnic differences). More importantly, you'll learn critical strategies for integrating diverse perspectives, skills, knowledge and talents in ways that can create quantum leaps in organizational effectiveness while honoring the unique differences each individual contributes.

Make a living, make a difference: Creating The Butterfly Effect
Human Resources Development Quarterly asserts that true visionary leaders develop four integrated capacities: knowledge of self, knowledge of other, knowledge of the organization and knowledge of the world. We agree, and this day-long program is designed to broaden leadership perspectives to global awareness while also reflecting on what unique contribution we bring as individuals and organizations to the global environment.

How does your organization-large or small-affect the world? How do global issues political, environmental, economic -- impact your organization? Are we only victims of circumstances beyond our control, just trying to survive by adapting circumstances and changes or can we really be 'change agents' and create meaningful, successful futures for ourselves? Do we really have to choose between success and social responsibility or can we make a living and make a difference? This program helps explains how new understandings in science can change the way we work in our organizations and maybe even make a better world for everyone.

Partnership in Practice for Entrepreneurial Couples
This day-long program is designed specifically for entrepreneurial couples and reminds them why they went into business together by integrating life and business partnership. Rediscover and rejuvenate the passion and commitment for each other and the work you do together in the world. Redefine your life and work partnership in ways that are synergetic, personally meaningful and organizationally effective.

All our workshops and presentations are developed and designed to address the unique needs and cultures of each group. Call us for information at (520) 578-2801

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