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Human Diversity

National Conference for Community and Justice.
Formerly the National Conference for Christians and Jews, the NCCJ continues to play a critical role in interfaith and cultural understanding. Their interfaith calendar provides a unique outline of both the diversity and unifying understanding of the major world religions.

The sciences of wholeness & complexity:

Syntony Quest,
Are you ready to be a steward of our evolution?

The Integrity Website
A variety of papers, resources and research on wholes, systems and multiple perspectives.

An Intro to Wholeness
A great source of links on the topic of wholes, systems, evolution, community and more.

The International Society of Systems Sciences. A wealth of research on the science of wholeness.

The Haven
The Haven is a unique way of learning, exploration and discovery about Deep Ecology, Education and more!

Heiner Benking.
You could get lost for days in Heiner's site with a zillion links to his work on perspective, consciousness & dialogue

Global Sustainability and Healthy Communities:

Dedicated to making Bucky Fuller's dream of a global energy grid come to reality.

Buckminster Fuller
Called a comprehensivist and "the Leonardo DaVinci of the 20th Century", Bucky's words and work will amaze and inspire you to make the most of your stay here on "Spaceship Earth." You can read Sherryl's interview with Bucky Works author Jay Baldwin here.

The Planetary Coral Reef Foundation is currently conducting long-term studies on the health of Earth's "indicator species." You can read Sherryl's article about Captain Rio Hahn here.

Rocky Mountain Institute
Rocky Mountain Institute's Web site provides an array of information about their important work.

Plant-It 2000
A non-profit environmental organization dedicated to planting as many indigenous trees as possible worldwide.

Windstar Foundation
Founded by John Denver and Aikido Master Tom Crum, Windstar has played a big part in our own history and inspiration.

Personal Inspiration & Growth:

ARC Worldwide
Visit the Extraordinary Living Network at ARC Worldwide.

W Mitchell
"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is Optional." One of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world is also our dear friend. If you haven't read Mitchell's book, you're not getting the most out of life. Guarantee it! You can read Sherryl's review of Mitchell's book here.

Center for Attitudinal Healing
I started reading Jerry Jampolsky's books when I was 14, meeting him in 1995 was a real thrill!

One of the best resources for positive books, stories and essays on the web. You'll find hope and moral courage on the pages there!

Some of our special friends

Aurora Music for the Millennium
We took their name, but not without reason. The professional homepage of Patrick Stalinski 

Rolland G. Smith
Friend and poet, this broadcast journalist brings balance and grace with his words. Samplings of Rolland's poetry are at his web site, as well as information about his book, Quiet Musings

Aiki Works
The work of Tom Crum, author of Magic of Conflict and Journey to Center

TrimTab Management Systems
A management consultant focusing on strategic planning, Steve Brant also includes a bunch of favorite links about one of our favorite "examplists", Buckminster Fuller.

Michael Mish
Were we surprised to see our friend's music grace the CD version of Conversations with God. Of course, he's still one of the best children's entertainers out there, just ask my daughter.

Richard Hatch
Actor Richard Hatch has much to offer the growing and creative individual. Find out about him and his work here.

Bringing hope and tangible resources to Africa

Redwings Horse Sanctuary
Bringing hope and compassion to our equine friends

Heart of Ohio Windstar Connection

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