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The DCC Process

The Desert Conversation Community engages in activities which serves its purpose and reflect the shared values of the community. This is how the community process is structured:

The DCC is a learning community. Independently, and together, we engage in inquiry--we seek to discover new understanding, ideas, knowledge and wisdom that can be applied in order to fulfill our purpose. This takes place in three phases:

  1. The Preparation Phase: This takes place independently, together, online and/or at preparation gatherings and lasts 2-5 months.
  2. The Conversation: A 3-4 day gathering in Tucson, Arizona
  3. Follow-up: 1-3 months

Preparation Phase
During the preparation phase, we explore possibilities, gain knowledge and understanding about information and ideas which can help us create ourselves into a healthy, authentic community. Exploring the evolving KNOWLEDGE SPACE is encouraged, as well as other activities which help us gain understanding.

There are no 'minimum requirements' of preparation for participation in the Conversation Event, but as committed stewards, we know that the more we learn, the more we will be able to contribute to the community.

During the preparation phase, community members can consider specific topics, issues or ideas they'd like to explore during the Conversation event which address the year's theme.

Conversation Event
At least once per year, the DCC gathers in person for 3-4 days in order to: a) create meaning and further understanding of knowledge and ideas gathered during the preparation phase, b) engage with each other as a community in ways that reflect our core values, c) practice, apply, test and evaluate the ideas we create, and consider solutions for the issues we identify during the preparation phase. In 2002, the DCC will use Open Space Technology as the framework for our conversation event.

Follow up
After the Conversation Event, the community prepares and presents its proceedings in order to share what we have learned and created with others, and in order to add to the evolving knowledge space.

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