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About the ISI

About the DCC

The Desert Conversation Community is open to anyone who:
  • Is interested in learning about how we can make a difference in the human systems we belong to
  • Wonders how we can help create better futures for our families, organizations, communities and in the world.
  • Is willing to learn how to create community by doing it
  • Agrees with the values and guidelines of the DCC.
  • Is willing to participate fully in the DCC process.

The DCC is an ISI Conversation Community.

2002 Theme & Invitation:
Join us this year to explore these questions:

    How can we create healthy, authentic community in concrete and tangible ways with dialogue?

    How can we make the abstract and conceptual ideals, values and shared visions we create together "real" through experience?

What we discover together will provide new knowlege and information about how the design conversation can become an even more effective tool for the creation of healthy, authentic communities. In an effort to explore the potential of the conversation process, we will be creating together opportunities to go "beyond dialogue" and create meaning and useful strategies through experiential application and expression that will hopefully make "conversation" something more than a verbal exchange of abstract conceptual ideas.

Join Us!

About the facilitator:
Sherryl Stalinski, M.A., is a research Fellow of the ISI, and Executive Director of the Aurora Now Foundation. She is a Vice President of ARC Worldwide, an international leadership training and personal development seminar and consulting organization. She has chaired the ISI team on the Design of Healthy and Authentic Community for three years.

To register, or to request more information, e-mail Sherryl at
or phone her at (520) 578-2801.

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